Monday 11 July 2016

Dear Angela...

Leadsome - We don't want a coronation, but we'll have a coronation? Enjoy your stay on the back benches you inadequate cockwomble!

Eagle - You don't have the strength of a blade of grass you wholly inadequate cockwomble, we voted for Jeremy because we'd rather have a left-wing opposition than another bunch of pale-blue Thatcherite 'lites'.

Merkel - Please god save us from ourselves! We are ruled by a squad of squabbling public-school prefects who would ruin the country for a brownie-point!


  1. Great fun eh? Couple of sentences in the media on the Chilcot whitewash, a bit of Teflon Tony sniffling his crocodile tears then back to run of the mill bollocks. It´s impossible that None of them cannot see how they really appear to the average bod which leads to the thought, "Whose pulling thier strings ?" Big buisness? Feckin puppets the lot of em.

    1. Some of the petitions to get Tony behind bars are a; I can´t sign em!!!!
      This one..won´t accept my post code (even though i tried a Uk one!!!)
      and this one the same!!
      but I got to sign this one

  2. It just beggers beliefe (no spellcheck!) lisening to them twisting the words of the Labour party rules this lunchtime was an exercise in witnessing self-delution!


    I think Phoney Tony B.Lair will be assasinated one day, he has too many enemies, and when you see whats happening in the US...

  3. You need to fix your contact me email button.
    Hi Hughie, its been a long time. Kim. (Canada)

  4. Hey Kim! me? I don't....I'll look at it?


  5. I think we should keep the faith with Teresa, she is going through some very trying times regarding Brexit. And it is unprecedented what she has to do in getting us out.
    I think that the alternative to May does not bare thinking about.