Monday 11 July 2016

Dear Angela...

Leadsome - We don't want a coronation, but we'll have a coronation? Enjoy your stay on the back benches you inadequate cockwomble!

Eagle - You don't have the strength of a blade of grass you wholly inadequate cockwomble, we voted for Jeremy because we'd rather have a left-wing opposition than another bunch of pale-blue Thatcherite 'lites'.

Merkel - Please god save us from ourselves! We are ruled by a squad of squabbling public-school prefects who would ruin the country for a brownie-point!

Monday 27 June 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Hearing the likes of Chuka Umunna pontificating on the immediate past and possible future of both his country and the political party he professes to love, or watching the implosion of both main parties while the media, Innies and Outies conduct endless inquests to their respective campaigns as the often unnamed 'spokespeople' of both main parties start arguing about who should or should not be leader, who is or isn't fit to be leader: it strikes me that all of you - without exception - have not 'got it' to use the vernacular. Our whole political system is in meltdown and you're all carrying-on as if A) it's normal and B) there's nothing fundamentally wrong with either party?

The people have tried to tell you four times now; in 2010 when they voted for no overall control, in 2015 when they destroyed the Liberal's and decimated Labour, then a few months later when - after joining the Labour Party in large numbers - they voted for (the still preferred) Jeremy Corbyn - against the entire establishment, and then again last Thursday, when they appear to have killed their own country, on the World Stage, with a blunt knife, in an act of poorly informed - but very angry - suicide.

All the main parties are so riven with internal factions they are not fit to govern; none of them. You will never have the best interests of the people at heart while you are all keeping one eye on your own back or back-bench, your own front bench, left wing or right wing, or while you are all jostling in secret cabals, for future positions, or anonymously briefing against your own side in the Media.

The referendum should never have been called, and only was for reasons of internal party manoeuvring. Having been announced it should never have been a 51/49 issue, having instead a higher threshold. As with the Scottish referendum; 16 and 17-year olds should have had a voice on what is their future. Both sides should have used real facts, not wildly dishonest rhetoric which the media should then have questioned more and reported - as fact - less.

I think all parties should be dissolved before the coming General Election, for we will surely have one, if not two, before a year is out. All candidates should stand as independents, on their own merits and efforts, without the backing of party funds or party colours, with  a view to new parties being formed by whoever then gets elected; a right wing conservative party, a left wing socialist party and a liberal-minded, centrist party.

Party Funds could be frozen, and divided up among the new post-election parties, proportional to which surviving current-members end-up where. Clearly: we should also consider, seriously, full Proportional Representation (PR) and compulsory voting. While we're changing things: I suggest the Lord's needs thinning of party-appointees as well, how many of them have you shoved in there? A lot of good they'll do you now; you inadequate cockwomble.

As media failures are a large part of the predicament we now find ourselves in, perhaps the media could be encouraged to push the drive for those party dissolutions, and, in future, undertake not to use anonymous political spokesmen, ever. If you people aren't willing to put your names to quotes, they shouldn't be used, we're not talking 'whistleblowers' here, we're talking back-stabbers, and you have - in a globalising world - just cast our vessel adrift from the European quayside, without taking-on enough fuel.

If the whole establishment doesn't 'get it' soon (and that includes the media), and start to deliver on the promises in a year or two; the cities will burn, and it will be the people who voted leave, who do the bulk of the burning. They think they have been promised a paradise of self-government, full employment, raised wages and lower house prices (with a house for all), affordable living; a green and pleasant land, striding forward on the world stage, union flag held aloft!

Yet listening to most serious, independent commentators, the likelihood is something worse that 'Project Fear' suggested, with a gentle but inexorable slide to a world-status somewhere between Guatamala and Hati. The pound as important to foreign investors as the Peruvian whatever they have in Peru...Peso?...Exactly!
With the money markets moved to Frankfurt, the banking to Brussels and Paris, imports expensive and exports not wanted. Why would the Philippines, South Africa, or New Zealand buy our widgets, when they can get all the widgets they need closer to home?

Gibraltar, South Georgia and the Falkland's will be lost while we rebuild our few [brand-new] defunct capital ships, which are - in any event - insufficient to protect any fishing grounds we chose to claim, assuming we can buy-back the licences we have sold to Spanish, Norwegian and Danish captains! And where shall we get our boats built? Holland? Japan? Korea? They will all want cash up-front now, and cash will be in short supply.

The grey-haired 'war-generation' and Baby-Boomers' who voted to leave require (whether they like it or not) immigration to remain at current levels to ensure their pension pots are kept topped-up, but their pension pots will need to be raided (as manual workers' already have been) to keep the ship afloat, and there won't be jobs for the immigrants; as there won't any be for the 'locals'.

The reasons for leaving weren't good enough to be worth casting-off, but we did, we cut the ropes and now we're floating free, with Scotland and Ireland eyeing the lifeboats, and no actual plan from the new crew, while both that crew and their oppo's in Labour fall upon the Front Benches with their long-knives out. And you? you're fucking-off after fucking the country...

Friday 24 June 2016

Dear Prime Minister

You're Fucked!
And you've fucked the country....
...did I say you are an inadequate cockwomble?

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Dear General Sir Mike Rose, KCB, CBE, DSO, QGM . . .&Etc...

I listened with incredulity to your comments earlier today. The use of emotive language was appalling, the political stance was shameful from a British Soldier and the premise was false, you were talking-up a fantasy creation of your own fevered mind, clearly a victim of the thundery weather, put yourself under the MO is my advice.
'Soldiers dressed in the drab olive of a European army'?

We all have camouflage uniforms, ergo; any European Army (not yet planned) would certainly have camouflage uniforms, you are being disingenuous Sir. And the idea that the current British camouflage isn't drab, is risible in itself, it's an awful semi-desert/semi-tropical/semi-temperate mashed-potato of a scheme matched to brown boots, the days of the striking DPM are long gone. Emotive tosh, Sir: you're talking emotive tosh.

'Queens Birthday Parade'?

If it ever happened you can be sure (and I'm sure - beyond your dishonesty in this - you know) that the French would retain their Saint Cyr cadet uniform for ceremonials, the Danes would keep their Guards, the Germans their chromium-plated helmets and we would maintain a unit of Bearskins and Household Cavalry - emotive rubbish Sir, from your potty-mouth.

There is only the 'idea' of a European Army, a proposal, a not even a 'white paper' we wouldn't have to join a European Army, we already work with all our neighbours through NATO, a closer unification would only make sense as the US withdraws from involvement in NATO and as most serious threats are or become more global; Russia, China, Terrorism, Climate Change . . . are you planning for a swift domestic campaign against Scotland? Wales? Are you wishing to retain the ability to march on Paris?

You whined about European soldiers in British barracks, well - presumably it would be UK units in UK barracks, despite the fact that half the British Army is already/still in Germany anyway! AND: we ARE European whether we are in the EU or out? Do you propose to call Britain part of Asia, Africa . . . America perhaps? The hypocrisy and nonsensical rubbish in you whingeing is staggering.

The British Army - I was in - prided itself on its political neutrality; you Sir are a disgrace to the uniform and as a once acting Lance Corporal, can I just say Sir: with all due respect to your rank, Sir . . . Shut the fuck-up, you disgraceful cockwomble, Sir!

Dear Prime Minister

Who killed Joe Cox, PM? A right-wing, semi-fascist, simplistic, impressionable fool with metal-health issues? No . . . he just wielded the weapons; the 'Establishment' killed her, and particularly the right-wing, small-c conservative, reactionaries, those U-Kippers and Tories in the Shires, you and yours Prime Minister, you and yours.
People are saying they 'didn't know there were people like Joe Cox in parliament', yet why would they when in instances like that of the current referendum, reactionary gits like the over-privileged Rees-Mogg are allowed (and encouraged by the media, by the BBC) to crawl out from under whatever rock they've been hiding under since their last fascist diner-party scandal and rehabilitate themselves by talking about the issue as if they are to be trusted and respected, when they probably should've been sacked and jailed for fraud 7 years ago! How many times has he been interviewed on the BBC in the last six weeks, how many times was Joe Cox?
I wrote this on Sunday but choose not to publish it yesterday, as making political points out of such a tragedy is pretty low, but from lunchtime Sunday onward, all sides have been doing just that! Yesterday (Monday) everybody had a point to make with a political angle, so here's mine.

Both sides in the Brexit debate (not a word it deserves; there has been NO debate) have been inexorably escalating the rhetoric and with it the lies, neither side questions the other with rational logic, they just throw more metaphorical rocks at the opposition, people in the street haven't the faintest idea what to vote for or why; people have been interviewed who've changed their minds three times in the last two months and with four days to go are now undecided, the first firm stance they've taken!

Intelligent people know that to stay with the devil you know is infinitely preferable to the alternative, but most people aren't that intelligent . . . 100 years of compulsory 'education', 50 years of tabloid journalism and nearly 40 years of your kind of politics have ensured that! Your 'shouty' rhetoric panders to the ignorant, and the right-wing press reinforce false values and perceptions.

The rot that lead to Joe Cox' death, goes back a long way, but since you came to power in 2010 it has escalated drastically, you yourself - Prime Minister; have made the most hideous comments on migrant 'swarms' and the 'scrounging' unemployed 'something-for-nothings', you have been a cheerleader for intolerance, isolation and the selfish agenda.

Intolerance stalks the land, bottom-line profit-margins have replaced responsible State funding-for-need, the 'other' has become a legitimate target for vitriol, whether our own poor, jobless, elderly or disabled, other countries war-refugees or the victims of despots we call 'friends of Britain' and to whom we supply arms and suppressive 'law-enforcement' equipment.

Selfishness among the 'haves' has increased the anger of the 'have-nots'. You - Prime Minister - have turned a blind-eye to UKIP's nasty form of little-Englander language, aimed squarely at those very angry have-nots, allowed Boris the buffoon to build a power-base, you've given jobs to the back-stabber's IDS and Gove and you've joined the race to the bottom on Brexit rhetoric.

It must be acknowledged that you've been helped by a toothless BBC and a right-wing media happy to go further than you on anti-migration rhetoric, xenophobic comments on our European neighbours, out-and-out lies about our own lower-class citizens and the likely economic results of a Brexit.

It is fair to point out that you (collectively as an establishment) didn't 'do a Trump' and try to immediately make political capital out of the death, but you did spent the next few days hand wringing, pretending that the causal problem lay elsewhere and all standing about together like you are all Sunday afternoon though: you were all back to slinging Euromud at each other!

The Scottish did have a proper 'debate' some 80% of the population educated themselves as to the issues and likely outcomes for over a year, in the event it was close, but a high turn-out ensured the result was taken as a result.

In this debate, in England particularly and therefore in the national press there are no facts, no measured or nuanced explanations of the true position on Euro-funding, contributions, regulation, democratic procedures,  migration vs. pension provision, fisheries, EU Social Fund input, nothing, just shouty-men, day-in, day-out, shouting about a mythical £350-million!

Whatever the outcome on Thursday, we will be facing a General Election before August has set over the yard-arm (something I predicted in May last year), and you - Prime minister - will be toast, a thought which sustains me through the dark days you have driven-us to, but soured by the fact that whether here or gone, you've got some of Joe Cox's blood on your hands.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Boris' semi-retarded, rubbish-talk over the weekend? The USA are 50 nations who have agreed to surrender portions of sovereignty to a federal overlord, just like the EU...if Eaton teaches people to the standard of the incumbent Mayor of London, it's no wonder you're such an inadequate cockwomble.

Hillsborough? A state-sponsored, Tory-press enabled, 20-year outrage against the common citizenry...par for the course in your world. No...I want to talk about British Home Stores today.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the news regarding BHS this week, Mr. Philip Green (and his Monaco-based wife!) have done very well out of the deal so far haven't they! I seem to remember BHS were struggling back in the mid-1990's, dropping the full title in favour of the abbreviated moniker, a change of direction and revamped stores...and a vast flow of money into Mr. Greens bank accounts!

Of course everything he's done has been totally above board and completely legal, it's just unfortunate that all the pension money had apparently evaporated in the process? None of it has been used to buy that aircraft-carrier yacht of his (number three in Phil's fleet I believe) I'm sure.

Poly Peck, Maxwell, Fayrepak (Christmas hampers), JJB (sports goods), City Link (owner-driver couriers)...Banks! It's a never ending litany of what boils down to theft, even if the law (or HMRC) often decide it err...isn't. Pension schemes should not be usable as capital, ever.

A few years ago a chap (known to you as part of the establishment) would fly into Farnborough Airport from abroad in his own jet, where his chauffeur - waved through the gate - would meet him on the apron or taxiway or whatever they call it. No customs, not for the rich, they don't want to have to walk across tarmac when they can be driven!

He also needed the car next to the plane because while he and his family settled themselves into the comparative luxury of a highly-polished, jet-black, 7-seat, conference-layout, Mercedes V-Class, people-carrier (actually built in a Spanish bus factory, but it looked 'the part'), the driver was required to help the co-pilot and flight-attendant carry a large, leather hold-all to the vehicle, which was so heavy the car lifted half-an-inch at the front when the bag was put in the boot.

I shall call him Farnborough cheese-man, as, were I to name him, he would probably sue me for slander or defamation or whatever? It's another thing you people do, is use the law or the threat of the law to protect yourselves from accountability, and 'The Law' goes along with it, because it's run by people like you.

While you have probably been round his place supping on the illegally imported food, as it was driven straight to the familial residence in Kensington-Chelsea where more staff were waiting at the door ready to carry it in!

It may well be that it wasn't cheese and/or cooked-meats, it was heavy enough to be a body; a couple of thousand rounds of metal-linked machine-gun ammunition; a box of grenades or a few bars of gold? I have no evidence that it was cheese and ham, just the co-pilot and steward's word for it!

When the 'Great and the [not so] Good' swan into St. Tropez, or Southampton with their floating gin-palace, customs don't go over the vessel with more than a cursory check of a few passports, and a "Is your driver here? Oh yes, there he is, nice to see you again Mr. Rich, have a good stay".

You lot all cried Mea culpa over the expenses scandal, well some of you did, the guilty cried something unprintable, yet here you are 5 years later, claiming more than ever...while forcing austerity on the rest of us. You just changed the rules to make it legal to claim what you were caught claiming illegally! By a data leak.

But - as we saw with the Panama papers - things are changing Prime Minister, we the people are waking-up, finding digital voice-recorders that fit in breast pockets, 'smart phones' which record silently, data's only a matter of time before a disgruntled chauffeur, personal assistant or 'poor' relative uses such a device to record such an event as Farnborough cheese-man's arrival - and maybe make a few bob selling the data to a Tabloid paper...capitalism in action eh, Prime Minister?

The Mr. Green's, and Whites, and Browns, the Maxwell's and Farnborough cheese-man's of this world, and you Prime Minister, are going to lose that ability to hide, to exploit, to enrich yourselves at our expense, to rob your people, companies or whole countries, to gamble with other people's money and lose it all, yet come out of it smiling at the state of your own bank-balances. You will also, eventually, all, lose the ability to misuse the law to protect yourselves from your own poor behaviour.

You wanted us all to buy PC's, we did. You wanted us to 'go digital' and get the Internet, we did.  Then we had to buy Laptops, Blackberry devices, tablets and then Smartphone's...we did - now we're all wired-up to end your way of doing things! They say revenge is a dish best served cold, well there are a hundred billion cold scraps out there, to be collected-up and served to you, and you've given us the tools to collect them, it's only a matter of time now.

Friday 22 April 2016

Dear Prime Minister

This is the full panoply of Hart District Council's celebratory efforts for the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations... may struggle to see them, here let me help you... that better? It's pathetic isn't it? I'm not sure Aldershot bothered at all and I didn't see anything in Farnborough at the weekend.

In the golden, olden days, there would have been bunting strewn across the road like red, white and blue snow, there would have been flags as big as horses from every beribboned lamp post and the - now absent - telegraph poles, shops would have decked themselves out in colour-coordinated decorations and prepared shop window displays that had more to do with royalty, nation and empire than they had to do with the goods the shops actually sold.

It would have been in every town, village and hamlet in the land. We would have had a public holiday, schools would have had a day off, and parishes would have had a day of events with a church service and a hog-roast.

I don't blame the local councils, we all know they've had their budgets cut and cut again by the inadequate cockwombles in Westminster - that's you, as if you didn't know, and under the capitalist system that's been replacing democracy since 1979, they are supposed to expect help from the 'private sector' on these occasions, 'private enterprise' is supposed to step-up to the plate.

The Estate Agents had a go, those are paper discs being shredded in the light-breeze of the last few days, and a couple of reels of transparent plastic mesh (taffeta?), while another shop did have a bucket outside with balloons on sticks to which they had attached a dozen or so cardboard masks of her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh! Very fetching.

You see Prime Minister, the private sector is all about the bottom line, and while they might pay for some gardening work in exchange for disfiguring hoardings on roundabouts, they won't shell out for a bunch of decorations with no 'guaranteed return in the investment'.

That's why we used to have a general taxation system in which the rich (who benefit from the efforts of the poor, or the inherited-wealth born of the efforts of slavery, land clearance, enclosures...) paid enough for local authorities to be given enough to do enough in situations like this.

This was at one end of town; it probably represents a week's child-protection budget!
Or a penny on the council-tax?

Compared to the Silver Jubilee celebrations (two years before the rot set-in at Westminster), both the Golden and Diamond jubilee celebrations have been muted, damp squibs.

It is a sign of the end of 'Empire', the end of 'great' Britain; even Margret Thatcher (the architect of all you stand for) started to distance herself from some of her core policies in her final post-retirement speeches. She hated what you were doing with housing.

Yet you keep banging on about privatisation, forcing schools to convert to academies, out-sourcing, making-do and mending with Chinese money and French technical expertise (which half the company's own board thinks they don't have!), breaking-up the Health Service...

...what are you going to do with all the money you're taking out of the economy Prime Minister? Run off to China and build a nice house in the hills a long way from pollution centres and rising oceans? Their leader is becoming more dictatorial every day, kidnapping publishers from Hong Kong, taking overall control of the armed forces...he's not going to tolerate a bunch of Western toffs buying-up land there, he's too busy making sure his mates buy-up London...and Toronto and New York...!

Although, republicans would probably argue that celebrating the birthday of a highly privileged woman who wants for nothing and gets the best of everything is anathema in itself! If she fails to make it to a hundred will the Household Division take the Royal physicians outside and shoot them? But that's another post for another day.

You command a dying world Prime Minister...badly.