Wednesday 27 April 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Boris' semi-retarded, rubbish-talk over the weekend? The USA are 50 nations who have agreed to surrender portions of sovereignty to a federal overlord, just like the EU...if Eaton teaches people to the standard of the incumbent Mayor of London, it's no wonder you're such an inadequate cockwomble.

Hillsborough? A state-sponsored, Tory-press enabled, 20-year outrage against the common citizenry...par for the course in your world. No...I want to talk about British Home Stores today.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the news regarding BHS this week, Mr. Philip Green (and his Monaco-based wife!) have done very well out of the deal so far haven't they! I seem to remember BHS were struggling back in the mid-1990's, dropping the full title in favour of the abbreviated moniker, a change of direction and revamped stores...and a vast flow of money into Mr. Greens bank accounts!

Of course everything he's done has been totally above board and completely legal, it's just unfortunate that all the pension money had apparently evaporated in the process? None of it has been used to buy that aircraft-carrier yacht of his (number three in Phil's fleet I believe) I'm sure.

Poly Peck, Maxwell, Fayrepak (Christmas hampers), JJB (sports goods), City Link (owner-driver couriers)...Banks! It's a never ending litany of what boils down to theft, even if the law (or HMRC) often decide it err...isn't. Pension schemes should not be usable as capital, ever.

A few years ago a chap (known to you as part of the establishment) would fly into Farnborough Airport from abroad in his own jet, where his chauffeur - waved through the gate - would meet him on the apron or taxiway or whatever they call it. No customs, not for the rich, they don't want to have to walk across tarmac when they can be driven!

He also needed the car next to the plane because while he and his family settled themselves into the comparative luxury of a highly-polished, jet-black, 7-seat, conference-layout, Mercedes V-Class, people-carrier (actually built in a Spanish bus factory, but it looked 'the part'), the driver was required to help the co-pilot and flight-attendant carry a large, leather hold-all to the vehicle, which was so heavy the car lifted half-an-inch at the front when the bag was put in the boot.

I shall call him Farnborough cheese-man, as, were I to name him, he would probably sue me for slander or defamation or whatever? It's another thing you people do, is use the law or the threat of the law to protect yourselves from accountability, and 'The Law' goes along with it, because it's run by people like you.

While you have probably been round his place supping on the illegally imported food, as it was driven straight to the familial residence in Kensington-Chelsea where more staff were waiting at the door ready to carry it in!

It may well be that it wasn't cheese and/or cooked-meats, it was heavy enough to be a body; a couple of thousand rounds of metal-linked machine-gun ammunition; a box of grenades or a few bars of gold? I have no evidence that it was cheese and ham, just the co-pilot and steward's word for it!

When the 'Great and the [not so] Good' swan into St. Tropez, or Southampton with their floating gin-palace, customs don't go over the vessel with more than a cursory check of a few passports, and a "Is your driver here? Oh yes, there he is, nice to see you again Mr. Rich, have a good stay".

You lot all cried Mea culpa over the expenses scandal, well some of you did, the guilty cried something unprintable, yet here you are 5 years later, claiming more than ever...while forcing austerity on the rest of us. You just changed the rules to make it legal to claim what you were caught claiming illegally! By a data leak.

But - as we saw with the Panama papers - things are changing Prime Minister, we the people are waking-up, finding digital voice-recorders that fit in breast pockets, 'smart phones' which record silently, data's only a matter of time before a disgruntled chauffeur, personal assistant or 'poor' relative uses such a device to record such an event as Farnborough cheese-man's arrival - and maybe make a few bob selling the data to a Tabloid paper...capitalism in action eh, Prime Minister?

The Mr. Green's, and Whites, and Browns, the Maxwell's and Farnborough cheese-man's of this world, and you Prime Minister, are going to lose that ability to hide, to exploit, to enrich yourselves at our expense, to rob your people, companies or whole countries, to gamble with other people's money and lose it all, yet come out of it smiling at the state of your own bank-balances. You will also, eventually, all, lose the ability to misuse the law to protect yourselves from your own poor behaviour.

You wanted us all to buy PC's, we did. You wanted us to 'go digital' and get the Internet, we did.  Then we had to buy Laptops, Blackberry devices, tablets and then Smartphone's...we did - now we're all wired-up to end your way of doing things! They say revenge is a dish best served cold, well there are a hundred billion cold scraps out there, to be collected-up and served to you, and you've given us the tools to collect them, it's only a matter of time now.

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