Tuesday 21 June 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Who killed Joe Cox, PM? A right-wing, semi-fascist, simplistic, impressionable fool with metal-health issues? No . . . he just wielded the weapons; the 'Establishment' killed her, and particularly the right-wing, small-c conservative, reactionaries, those U-Kippers and Tories in the Shires, you and yours Prime Minister, you and yours.
People are saying they 'didn't know there were people like Joe Cox in parliament', yet why would they when in instances like that of the current referendum, reactionary gits like the over-privileged Rees-Mogg are allowed (and encouraged by the media, by the BBC) to crawl out from under whatever rock they've been hiding under since their last fascist diner-party scandal and rehabilitate themselves by talking about the issue as if they are to be trusted and respected, when they probably should've been sacked and jailed for fraud 7 years ago! How many times has he been interviewed on the BBC in the last six weeks, how many times was Joe Cox?
I wrote this on Sunday but choose not to publish it yesterday, as making political points out of such a tragedy is pretty low, but from lunchtime Sunday onward, all sides have been doing just that! Yesterday (Monday) everybody had a point to make with a political angle, so here's mine.

Both sides in the Brexit debate (not a word it deserves; there has been NO debate) have been inexorably escalating the rhetoric and with it the lies, neither side questions the other with rational logic, they just throw more metaphorical rocks at the opposition, people in the street haven't the faintest idea what to vote for or why; people have been interviewed who've changed their minds three times in the last two months and with four days to go are now undecided, the first firm stance they've taken!

Intelligent people know that to stay with the devil you know is infinitely preferable to the alternative, but most people aren't that intelligent . . . 100 years of compulsory 'education', 50 years of tabloid journalism and nearly 40 years of your kind of politics have ensured that! Your 'shouty' rhetoric panders to the ignorant, and the right-wing press reinforce false values and perceptions.

The rot that lead to Joe Cox' death, goes back a long way, but since you came to power in 2010 it has escalated drastically, you yourself - Prime Minister; have made the most hideous comments on migrant 'swarms' and the 'scrounging' unemployed 'something-for-nothings', you have been a cheerleader for intolerance, isolation and the selfish agenda.

Intolerance stalks the land, bottom-line profit-margins have replaced responsible State funding-for-need, the 'other' has become a legitimate target for vitriol, whether our own poor, jobless, elderly or disabled, other countries war-refugees or the victims of despots we call 'friends of Britain' and to whom we supply arms and suppressive 'law-enforcement' equipment.

Selfishness among the 'haves' has increased the anger of the 'have-nots'. You - Prime Minister - have turned a blind-eye to UKIP's nasty form of little-Englander language, aimed squarely at those very angry have-nots, allowed Boris the buffoon to build a power-base, you've given jobs to the back-stabber's IDS and Gove and you've joined the race to the bottom on Brexit rhetoric.

It must be acknowledged that you've been helped by a toothless BBC and a right-wing media happy to go further than you on anti-migration rhetoric, xenophobic comments on our European neighbours, out-and-out lies about our own lower-class citizens and the likely economic results of a Brexit.

It is fair to point out that you (collectively as an establishment) didn't 'do a Trump' and try to immediately make political capital out of the death, but you did spent the next few days hand wringing, pretending that the causal problem lay elsewhere and all standing about together like you are all mates...by Sunday afternoon though: you were all back to slinging Euromud at each other!

The Scottish did have a proper 'debate' some 80% of the population educated themselves as to the issues and likely outcomes for over a year, in the event it was close, but a high turn-out ensured the result was taken as a result.

In this debate, in England particularly and therefore in the national press there are no facts, no measured or nuanced explanations of the true position on Euro-funding, contributions, regulation, democratic procedures,  migration vs. pension provision, fisheries, EU Social Fund input, nothing, just shouty-men, day-in, day-out, shouting about a mythical £350-million!

Whatever the outcome on Thursday, we will be facing a General Election before August has set over the yard-arm (something I predicted in May last year), and you - Prime minister - will be toast, a thought which sustains me through the dark days you have driven-us to, but soured by the fact that whether here or gone, you've got some of Joe Cox's blood on your hands.

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