Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

As people scuttle-across to the Facebook to adopt a Belgian flag for a week or two, I'm glad you've been so quick to condemn the attempts by the execrable Gerard Batten and Mike Hookem and their equally unpalatable boss Mr. Farage to use yesterday's bombings as an excuse for a party-political broadcast on behalf of the ignorant...sorry; UK Independence Party, by suggesting that an out-vote in the Euro-referendum would make us safer than we are!

Together, we stand, divided, we...

But it shouldn't need you to say anything. You have failed to educate the populace to the truth, and have in fact allowed and encouraged the media to push the idea that we are not safe in Europe, will never be safe in Europe, that all migrants are a threat, that immigration is somehow a problem to be stamped out.

You are - with your 'scrounger' speeches and "Something for nothing culture" sound-bites - just as insular, intolerant and reactionary as any member of UKIP, most of whom are ex-Tories! You are part of the problem, rather than the solution.

The facts (the media should be regularly reminding people of) are that we are not even in the Schengen area, that immigration is driving what little growth the country's economy has seen since 2008, that migrants (and Refugees) will pay the future bills of an ageing population, that we do check incoming passports at our existing boarder-controls.

So far all the bombers in France and Belgium have been there legitimately, we have similar 'players' and our security services watch them. No one will 100% protect anyone from terrorism and terrorism has been with us for over a hundred years now. We are doing all we can, and liaison with European law enforcement agencies (however flawed it is now) would be harder were we out of Europe...ergo; for security purposes: we are better-off in.
Gratuitous picture of a fat bloke who's clearly eaten all the pies.
One of life's 'takers'...
Yours etc...

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Over the last couple of weeks a favourite trope of the media, with regard to garnering opinion on 'Brexit' (I hope the originator of that term is earmarked for firing-squad after the election!*) has been to go North or North East and talk to fishermen from the ports of East Anglia, the Yorks coast, Hull/Humberside and the Tyne.

Some of them are very stupid, one wife stating on a flagship news programme she hoped we could get out [of Europe] but sort of stay in "...if you know what I mean? Can we do that? I don't know", possibly more shocking was that the [BBC] reporter went along with her, "I don't know either...can we, I don't think so?"

We've had one deep-sea trawler man winging about European boats (something they've been doing since before the war), another stating that Brussels' regulations were nothing but a problem. Some blaming the EU for the low fish stocks, others for the low-catch limits as if the two are entirely separate problems.
Very Fishy
The fact is without Brussels there would be no fish left in the North Sea by now, fishermen fish...that's what they do, and when the catch drops-off they take bigger boats, travel further, stay-out longer and/or use smaller nets. Without our membership of the EEC, Britain's fishermen would have fished the North Sea empty sometime in the early 1980's!

This is not to say that an independent - of Europe - Britain couldn't set its own limits, but it would be harder to police them, and neighbours would have different limits, different rules and different regulations.

For instance: at the moment there is a concern about electric-shock netting of bottom-feeders, with the Belgians earning some opprobrium (thoughts are with them today) for this new practice. The scientists are arguing with the data from the scant studies so far carried out; Outie-helping research stating it's cruel and damaging while the Innie-supporting results suggest it's a more eco-friendly way to fish.

The only way to sort out that conundrum is to allow the EU to do better large-sample research, using all the figures from all the fishing fleets, and then impose whatever conclusion/s it comes to on everyone, it’s the fair way to do it, and by applying it to all the fleets: will have the same long-term effects on Plaice as previous limits/moratoriums have had on the recovery of Cod stocks.

Brussels IS looking into this new fishing technique and while UKIP, the Tabloids and the Outies might pander to the baser beliefs of your average fish-wife...or even your average fish-wife on the telly! listening to their arguments and weighing them against the facts it becomes clear - we are better-off in!

Yours etc...

*When left-wing liberalism goes out of the window!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Well! What to write to you about today...the IDS thing is turning into an Edwardian farce..."A Benefit CUT?!"

The business with Turkey provides column-inches daily, Europe hasn't gone away...indeed - it's getting closer! The recent Budget's coming unravelled like a golf-ball cut in half by a schoolboy's pocket-knife, as is; err...your party!

And it's on that last point I want to ruminate today; did you see all this coming when you surprised yourself last May by so successfully blaming the Labour Party for a global depression which was actually down to rotten bwankers (why are Iceland sending theirs to jail and the US fining theirs while we reward ours?) and blaming the Liberal's for your reactionary and socially destructive, purely political, austerity policies?

I did. I told all the weeping 'lefties' on-line/on the Facebook; all those blubbing on the Labour page, swearing on Chucky-Mark McGowan's page, rending their sack-cloth and ashes on the 38Degrees posts or ululating in Morning on Mr. Corbyn's page that you wouldn't last 18 Months!

I fleshed-out my piece of mumbo-jumbo soothsaying with the details that you would be facing a vote of no confidence within a year and a half, that you would lose that vote, in no small part due to the number of SNP members in the House - a legacy of all the Westminster mob stopping the Scots from doing what they were about to do - democratically - and that a General Election was due long before your term was up.

Nothing that's happened in the last few days (all three of them!) has changed my mind, and the likelihood of a total collapse of your government (and party) is stronger now than ever. The mileage you've had out of the splits in Labour, the howling and braying at PMQ's, the smug self-satisfaction and vacuous claims to a 'mandate' while all along: you're in bed with a nest of vipers.... those 'bastards' on the back-bench huh? But - at least you've got the media on side haven't you? Don't count on it!

IDS was a failure years ago (he was banging on about his Army career again at the weekend...what a fuckwit), he's not right in the head (in my own personal opinion) and should never have been given a front-bench job, so that grenade has left you firmly holding the've just dropped the pineapple!

Europe should never have been allowed to become the issue it has...two pins, two pineapples! Scotland? I blame Tony 'The Thacherite' Blair for that one, but he handed you the pin! Middle East...another pin...refugees, bankers...but where are the handles? You haven't got a handle on any of 'em, Prime Minister, just a handful of pins.

So - good luck* in PMQ's this Wednesday, should be fun! Good luck* on the Budget debate, should be interesting, good luck with the European Referendum (I do hate being on the same side there!) and good-luck* in the forthcoming General Election...November, do you think? Or earlier?

*Not really; I hope your ever-present, inadequate cockwomblery will see you keel-hauled, naked, on the World's Stage, by the opposition, electorate, media and your own, execrable back-bench!

Yours etc...

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Oh dear! Ivebn Dunkedinshit has resigned. Let the Church-bells be untied and rung-out for a week in celebration. Let bunting be draped across the high-streets of the nation, let a newly-discovered insect be named Duncanis Mortis.

No Loss
Falling on his sword (or just being shoved against it?) was long overdue after the fascism he's brought to our benefits system, the waste of Taxpayer's money his various schemes have represented, and his history of lies and falsehoods - not least his military career, university career, his qualifications and the inordinate number of wet-wipes he's charged to the taxpayer...and the underpants!

But he does seem to have cut you and stabbed George on the way 'down and out'? He was (in my own personal opinion - shared with thousands!) a sociopath who should never have been given a ministerial post, but then you're an inadequate cockwomble, so it's no surprise that he was.!

His resignation letter is amusing but clearly political, self-serving, and addressed toward historians not yet born and I assume it has more to do with the EU-referendum than any genuine move by IDS to give a shit about his fellow citizens?

Still, it's nice to see the cracks are starting to show in the Tory party, is this the beginning of the end? A terminal disease the GOP has been snuffling with for 12 years or more? The fact that even while kept stupid enough to buy (and believe) tabloids, the general, background IQ of the populace is rising above the need for intolerant, isolationist parties, of preppy posh boys!
Two Lost Futures
However it wasn't him I wanted to write to you about today, Prime Minister, but rather the 'deal' done with Turkey. I am a big fan of Europe; I think we've established that, but this is exactly the type of thing that gets the EU a bad name and gives ammunition to the tabloid hacks.
Erdoğan is turning into an intolerant, undemocratic fascist, he's made the situation in Syria worse, he's made Europe's relationship with Russia even worse that Putin had already managed to make it, he's declared war on his own people, the media and anyone with a brain...yet we've turned a blind-eye to it all, in order to get a nonsense deal done?
To sum the 'deal' up; we send back to Turkey people we don't like the look of, they get put in camps by the Turks, and we then pay for the camps only to then agree to take people...from the camps...a sort of 'two hits and you're in' policy!

Being a liberal I think we should be doing more, so it's not about the migration refugees it's about the fact that as Turkey become ever-more de-stabilised, we seem to have just made it easier for their [Turkish] citizens to get into Europe! That's not a quid-pro-quo moment, that's a WTF moment.

It's madness, it will be seen as madness, and - as we approach your referendum - it doesn't help get the truth about Europe across to the bumblebore thickos down the pub, muttering over their UKIP flyers, the rural hunting-class (with their Police Prime Minister?), braying on your back-bench like demented donkeys, or the inbred Slones screeching "frightfully rum" around Kensington & Chelsea!

Yours etc...
PS - Re: Erdoğan, Syria, Putin, what's happening in Barzil and several African's time we all started working toward a global agreement that no one should represent their country at the highest level for more than two terms of a maximum of five just turns their minds if they have longer to enjoy the power.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

So...yesterday your Chancellor decided to reduce benefits to the disabled by around £1.4 billion quid...while at the same time giving a tax break to the 'squeezed middle' of err...around £1.4 billion quid!

Because let's face it - people with mental or physical problems don't need a helping hand do they?

But Mr. grey, parochial, reactionary, Thatcherite, capitalist, only-earning-forty-three-K-a-year, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, middle-manager needs all the help he can be given - to make sure little Jiranda gets to her dance classes on time with the right kit, or to ensure that his gas-guzzling, planet-destroying 4x4 can be upgraded every 12 months instead of the wholly unacceptable 18 months he's currently working to!

You really are an execrable bunch of semi-fascist cockwombles aren't you? You got only 40% of the vote in last year's General Election, which was about a quarter of the available 'on-paper' voter-base. You have - therefore - no real mandate to do anything more serious than ensure that the Civil Service has an adequate supply of loo-roll and pencils!

The funny thing is, you won't have gained any votes by your extraordinarily unpleasant act of blatantly  unfair redistribution, as the tediously grey 'squeezed-middle' already vote for you, while a lot of the disabled you attacked were Tory voters and will now vote elsewhere.

My mate with Cerebral-Palsy is a Tory voter, he believes Mrs. Thatcher did well by the disabled, and has spent the last four years telling me (arguing with me) that you weren't going to do...what you've just done!

Not only have you finally screwed him blind; for his blind support, but in the last few years you've buggered him about with PIP's, taken his mobility car away and told him to go out to work, with his mobility issues, sight issues and other health issues!

You've closed/privatised/outsourced Remploy and other schemes, reduced training, re-classified disabled people as not disabled, removed Disability Employment Advisors, declared as 'ready for employment' people who've promptly died from their conditions, passed as 'fit for work' people with no legs, no arms or half a lung...and overseen a spike in suicide (and other) deaths among the vulnerable. have given hundreds of millions of pounds of Taxpayers money to charities like Enham Trust, Queen Elizabeth Foundation and the Shaw Trust, who have shown themselves inadequate to the tasks allotted them and who regularly fail to deliver on their contractual obligations to the DWP/Taxpayer.

And you've given billions to the likes of A4E/PeoplePlus who are laughing all the way to the bank while delivering absolutely nothing! Sorry...I'll correct myself, they've been found to have figures which 'might' be 4% better than DWP's unscientific amount, un-provable as it's within natural variation!

Like the GOP across the pond, it's as if everything you do now is designed to make you unelectable for a generation...while transferring the nation's wealth to a few at the top?

Yours etc...

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

The third main point of the Outies; as I'm sure you're aware - you just appear to have decided not to address it? - is as follows:
“Not 1 job is at risk from Brexit”

This was forcibly stated by Lord Digby Jones, the former Director General of the CBI and ex Minister of State for Trade and Investment.

He observed how Britain will secure a free-trade agreement with the EU immediately following Brexit ensuring no disruption to trade. (Sunday Politics, 31st January 2016)

Now this is an obvious lie, not least because the day after an out vote all the MEP's would be out of a job, all the British EU commissioners and other appointees would be on two-years notice to quit, their support staff - secretariats, researchers, translators &etc, would also be looking at a two-year phase-out, with the first going at the end of the month.
However I know they mean 'other' jobs, rather than the thousands hinted at in the above paragraph, and the truth is that there would be plenty of job losses, BMW/Rolls-Royce as good as told their workforce that last week.

Also quoting an self-declared Outie, himself spouting-off on the 'Telly' with the usual self-publicity of those who believe their own hype is hardly to be regarded as unbiased, evidence-based research, is it?

The second sentence is particularly fine - as an example of propaganda; he observed? Immediately? Ensuring no disruption? What - he went forward to the future did he? The EU have made it increasingly clear there is no such certainty, indeed, some national leaders have hinted that A) They'd make it very hard to negotiate any kind of deal, and B) they'd make sure it hurt!

Yet you continue with your vague economic-nightmare scenario 'scare tactic'? Counter this stuff with proper facts; there are lots of middle-aged, lower middle-class, tabloid-reading, more-likely-to-vote  idiots, sat down the pub muttering to each other over their beers, believing this stuff without possessing the intellectual tools to realise it's just reinforcing their prejudices!

The most important decision we will make in the next 30, 40...50 years and the Innies are just not getting the message across? Pull your finger out of that pigs-arse you've probably got it in and get the truth out there, or the Outies will ensure you'll be on the scrap-heap of history before July! The [only] sliver-lining of a successful out vote!

Yours etc...

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Having looked yesterday at the first - rather weak - reason for the Outies to believe we'd be better-off out of Europe, I though we might as well dwell on reason two today, it's another one you and yours aren't countering with the adequacy we the people should expect, but then we've pretty much established you're inadequate, and we're only four posts in!

Here it is…reason two for why we should slink away from Europe and hide under a rock, a BRITISH rock, craft-painted with the union flag by a member of the WI:
EU Membership contributions costs
Britain £14.5 billion a year

Added to this, the cost of EU Regulations hinder 95% of UK businesses – the top

100 EU Regulations cost the UK economy a staggering £33.3 billion a year.

Less than 5% of UK businesses trade directly with the

EU, but have to adhere to all EU Directives.

As an added incentive following Brexit, Britain would be able to

sign its own trade deals with the rest of the world.

The main point ignores the fact that we got €6.3b back in direct payments, straight away (€3.1b to farmers alone), with many more millions coming after as 'hidden' payments, where would IDS and the likes of the DWP and their private contractors be without the European Social Fund paying for training? All those courses in book-keeping, computing, remedial maths and English, food service, Health and Safety, fire safety, first aid, basic catering and care-work, introductions to marketing, telesales, using a chainsaw, a fork-lift &etc.

€1.1bn in research grants, road building, subsidised youth programmes, cultural efforts, environmental and forestry grants; all paid for by Europe, our money being redistributed to..err…us! Also the Outie website has turned the € sign to a £ sign...increasing the apparent 'bill' substantially! Why haven't the advertising standards watchdogs corrected that? The adjusted figure is less than that which you're stealing from the benefits pot and pensions!

If the austerity-cuts and associated behaviour of your government and the previous coalition are followed to their logical (ideological?) conclusions, we have to assume that if we were out of the EU, you wouldn't use that €14.5b (2013 figures - I believe), to replace the lost support provided by it, you would see the hill-farmers starve, cut the courses, tell business to find the money, give the police, armed-forces and senior civil-servants a modest salary-rise, award yourselves another 10% increase, spending the rest on tax-cuts for high-earners and subsidised fracking!

The first sub-'clause' is probably the funniest, 100% of all regulations hinder me, that's their point! If UK business is avoiding 5% they're doing well! But then they say it's just the cost that hinders? All a bit odd, if you ask me.

As the Outies haven't costed their second claim, we'll ignore it for now, I will return to it when I've dug a little deeper, but…really? A third of a trillion-squid? Per year? Why aren't you countering this crap on the front page of the Times, Prime Minister?

The next bit is a fascinating example of how to use statistics…it is said that approximately 50% of our trade - as a country - is with the EU (the BRICs taking 7%), if that is only being done by 5% of businesses, we need only worry about what those 5% think? If the letter sent to employees by BMW-Rolls Royce this week is anything to go by; staying in the EU is the way to please that 5% and one has to wonder what (the Outies want us to believe) the other 95% are complaining about.

The truth is most of them have no real thoughts on the subject, beyond the vague little-Englander stuff they get from the media - and your own stranger-danger, meddling Brussels, anti-migration, 'scrounger' rhetoric.

Some genuinely don't care - a cake shop in the Midlands supplying a small market town with err…cakes, isn't going to be remotely bothered by the EU, except in so far as EU regulations help ensure that food hygiene and workers rights are kept to moderate levels.

And that's where we get to one of the big truths behind the small-c, parochial, reactionaries who make-up the Outies, they want to be free to throw out food hygiene regulation, they want to remove safety equipment from building sites, they want to spray toxic crap on our fields until there are no birds left, they want to frack (as do you) and…they want to pay their workforce fuck-all for a 50, 60, 70 hour week, until (if the headlines of the last 48 hours are to be believed) they drop-dead at their desk/machine somewhere near their 78th birthday!

The staggering irony there - of course - is that automation is going to render half the population unemployed over the next 25 years and none of you, from any party, are daring to address that elephant in the room?

So to the last sub-clause of the Outies 2nd main point for exiting the EU: that we will return to our 'glorious past' as an independent, trading-nation, busily engaged in commerce with the rest of the world:
  • Those 5% of companies that do the 50% of the UK's trade - with Europe - would simply re-locate as much as they could TO Europe!
  • The US is doing deals with Europe; it's not going to start faffing around separately dealing with a country in turmoil, its money-markets at rock-bottom while Scotland rightly demands a second referendum in the background?
  • Canada and Australasia are lost - as major markets - to the US and Asia-Pacific, respectively.
  • China has gone on record as saying "… that Britain is not a major global power..." and that "... the UK is not a big power in the eyes of the Chinese. It is just an old European country apt for travel and study."
  • The rest of Asia and India want to sell us stuff, not buy it.
  • Brazil's economy is struggling...and in the political sphere it sides with Argentina on other matters...
  • South Africa is a mess, nearing bankruptcy, the rest of Africa...?
  • Central America, the Middle East?
  • That leaves...Russia...and North Korea!
Without Europe, we are nothing, and we only joined when we realised that. The EEC, now the EU and eventually; the 'United States of Europe' are only anthropological steps on the road to a world government, as a single species of dumb monkey slowly comes together; working either to escape to the stars from the mess it will leave behind, or to try and mend the mess it's made, before it goes extinct.

Yours etc...
PS - In today's papers I see; you're letting them question your figures! Inadequate cockwombles the lot of you, Innies and Outies...more on that anon...

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

The reason I constantly (and consistently) call you an inadequate cockwomble, is because I see through the smarmy snake-oil sales act and see a cockwomble in action, and because you are clearly far too inadequate to lead a country. Lucky for you that the electorate are so devoid of political intelligence or maturity, they vote for you huh? Although only a minority actually voted for you - one in five was it?

Case in point: The first of the three main thrusts of the 'Out-ie's' arguments for leaving the European Union is as follows…[I quote directly from their website (which is much easier to find through Google than the 'In-ie's' site?)]…
Bring Back UK Democracy

The unelected European Commission which runs the EU,

regularly rejects attempts by Britain to reform the Union.

Since 1996 – when records began – the UK has never

managed to block a single piece of EU legislation.

Mr Prime Minister: there are dozens of ways of disassembling this statement, dozens of ways of proving it wrong, yet all you do is persist with your scare-tactics of economic disaster or mass migration, neither of which is that likely; a slow trickle of immigrants to a slowly dying economy is the more likely truth. Probably balanced - or overshadowed - by an emigration crisis of the 'brain-drain' type…there's your next scare story!

Meanwhile, people like me, listened to by…err…no one…have to unpack the out'ie propaganda, while you inadequately fiddle with yourself like a snuffling cockwomble.

Firstly, the "Unelected European Commission" regularly rejects attempts by ALL the member-states to reform the Union, that requires those member-states to come together to change the EC, something which - I believe - is in the pipeline. Not for one of its main members to petulantly throw all its toys out of the pram and walk off muttering 'It's not fair, the Daily Wail says it's not fair'.

While the second point is interesting isn't it? We joined the EEC in the early 1970's, yet they've taken a date of 1996 as their starting point? Well, call me a genius if you have to, but I recon records exist prior to 1996? What is the true picture? I'm sure I remember us blocking all sorts of things. The Maggii made it her summit-sport of choice!
Oh look! here's one...I happen not to agree with it (only a cockwomble would force-through pro-fossil fuel stuff in the 21st century), but it's there none the less!

You, and your campaign should be pointing-out these things, you should be countering this sort of bias, you should be telling us the truth - simple people believe simple stuff, and with schools (public and private) turning-out illiterates, more that a hundred years after to introduction of universal, compulsory education, there are a lot of simple people at the feet of Westminster's benches! Some of them seem to come from Eton, and to be sitting on those benches!

Yours etc…

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

I notice that Mr. Ian Duncan Smith (or Dunked in Shit as he is increasingly, humorously referred to on the Facebook!) has suggested you have a low opinion of the British?

On one level I don't really disagree with him, but then neither has he. Indeed; the party you represent seem to have a low opinion of everyone else on the planet, bar those who didn't go to a top private school, or who aren't the proprietors of a newspaper, or course!

But on another level one has to ask what is the man behind 'Betsygate', who has lied about his education, lied about his military career err…'activity', who lies to the Parliamentary All-party Select Committees on work, pensions and welfare just about every time he's in front of them and lies to the House about his budget, Universal Benefits, welfare sanctions and the like every time he opens his little lizard mouth, still doing on the front bench?

That he is - in my own personal opinion - a sociopath, a failed leader of your party (less than three years in the job) and a man who seems to exist in the higher echelons of society purely off the back of his wife and her father's money, makes him the last person anyone should be taking advise from, especially on a subject as important as the entire near-to-medium term future of Britain.

Like several of his co-conspirators (most of them?) he seems to think getting out of Europe will return Britain to some halcyon era of power and domination, with a healthy economy fed by the coffers and resources of the rest of the world. Whilst also continuing to trade with Europe as if we were never in it, nor had left it!

Can someone remind him why we joined Europe?

We were on our uppers, we were running out of friends, our 'commonwealth' was increasingly run by dictators who wanted little to do with us and were not buying school equipment or locomotives from us, favouring the stockpiling of aid-money in Swiss banks. America (our 'special-relationship' friend) had threatened to blow us out of the water at Suez and was far too busy killing 'Gooks' abroad and 'N*****s' and Hippies at home to give a shit what was happening "across the pond".

The Trade Unions were out of control, no one was buying our rusty little cars and those bits of the Commonwealth which might have stood-by us were asking serious questions about the sacrifices we had extracted from them in the first half of the century, at Gallipoli and Dieppe and - increasingly - trading with their neighbours, rather than us.

We were desperate to join the EEC (as it then was), and it has been good to us. The idea that we will return to some idyllic time of plenty, by exiting the very organisation that helped rebuild us is pie-in-the-sky thinking and a huge lie, only to be expected of IDS and his ilk.

We were a navy power…we now have less than 30 major surface fighting/line vessels, and the best of them, the newest, most modern of them have recently been declared not fit for purpose, needing a massive refit and surgery which will entail cutting huge holes in their hulls!

The whole party of you Con.-artists (and a fair few of Labour's 'Blair'ites') have a poor opinion of us, the citizens, and if you scrape-through this madness with a win, you will need to sack the lot of them - the same day.

Nasty little piggy-eyed 'Dunked', teacher-killer Gove, justice-killer Greayling, not-Ron Howard (the other ex-leader, another failure!), 'Bojo'*, Priti Patel, Bill 'who's he' Cash and redwood (both already moulding on the backbenches)  - the lot of them; they are the real 'Nasty Party' dinosaurs, and they'll have to go.
They'll have you out in five minutes if they win...

Yours etc…

*It's a measure - is it not - of the level of debate in our society that the mayor err…Buffoon in Chief of our capital city has been reduced to a 'celeb' style abbreviation by most of the media? His fault I fear…the Mayor's that it?