Saturday 5 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

The third main point of the Outies; as I'm sure you're aware - you just appear to have decided not to address it? - is as follows:
“Not 1 job is at risk from Brexit”

This was forcibly stated by Lord Digby Jones, the former Director General of the CBI and ex Minister of State for Trade and Investment.

He observed how Britain will secure a free-trade agreement with the EU immediately following Brexit ensuring no disruption to trade. (Sunday Politics, 31st January 2016)

Now this is an obvious lie, not least because the day after an out vote all the MEP's would be out of a job, all the British EU commissioners and other appointees would be on two-years notice to quit, their support staff - secretariats, researchers, translators &etc, would also be looking at a two-year phase-out, with the first going at the end of the month.
However I know they mean 'other' jobs, rather than the thousands hinted at in the above paragraph, and the truth is that there would be plenty of job losses, BMW/Rolls-Royce as good as told their workforce that last week.

Also quoting an self-declared Outie, himself spouting-off on the 'Telly' with the usual self-publicity of those who believe their own hype is hardly to be regarded as unbiased, evidence-based research, is it?

The second sentence is particularly fine - as an example of propaganda; he observed? Immediately? Ensuring no disruption? What - he went forward to the future did he? The EU have made it increasingly clear there is no such certainty, indeed, some national leaders have hinted that A) They'd make it very hard to negotiate any kind of deal, and B) they'd make sure it hurt!

Yet you continue with your vague economic-nightmare scenario 'scare tactic'? Counter this stuff with proper facts; there are lots of middle-aged, lower middle-class, tabloid-reading, more-likely-to-vote  idiots, sat down the pub muttering to each other over their beers, believing this stuff without possessing the intellectual tools to realise it's just reinforcing their prejudices!

The most important decision we will make in the next 30, 40...50 years and the Innies are just not getting the message across? Pull your finger out of that pigs-arse you've probably got it in and get the truth out there, or the Outies will ensure you'll be on the scrap-heap of history before July! The [only] sliver-lining of a successful out vote!

Yours etc...


  1. "no one Job is at risk"..they really are Clowns eh?
    Of course the drop of vacancy figures could be skewed due to other factors, seasonal etc but it does look a wee bit dodgy at the Moment.
    On another Point, thi blog may be of interest

  2. Now the Queen's spouted off! But what were they doing giving that carrot-topped bitch cac ca...her job back in the first place...Her Royal majesty seems to be involved too!!! ;-)