Saturday 19 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Oh dear! Ivebn Dunkedinshit has resigned. Let the Church-bells be untied and rung-out for a week in celebration. Let bunting be draped across the high-streets of the nation, let a newly-discovered insect be named Duncanis Mortis.

No Loss
Falling on his sword (or just being shoved against it?) was long overdue after the fascism he's brought to our benefits system, the waste of Taxpayer's money his various schemes have represented, and his history of lies and falsehoods - not least his military career, university career, his qualifications and the inordinate number of wet-wipes he's charged to the taxpayer...and the underpants!

But he does seem to have cut you and stabbed George on the way 'down and out'? He was (in my own personal opinion - shared with thousands!) a sociopath who should never have been given a ministerial post, but then you're an inadequate cockwomble, so it's no surprise that he was.!

His resignation letter is amusing but clearly political, self-serving, and addressed toward historians not yet born and I assume it has more to do with the EU-referendum than any genuine move by IDS to give a shit about his fellow citizens?

Still, it's nice to see the cracks are starting to show in the Tory party, is this the beginning of the end? A terminal disease the GOP has been snuffling with for 12 years or more? The fact that even while kept stupid enough to buy (and believe) tabloids, the general, background IQ of the populace is rising above the need for intolerant, isolationist parties, of preppy posh boys!
Two Lost Futures
However it wasn't him I wanted to write to you about today, Prime Minister, but rather the 'deal' done with Turkey. I am a big fan of Europe; I think we've established that, but this is exactly the type of thing that gets the EU a bad name and gives ammunition to the tabloid hacks.
Erdoğan is turning into an intolerant, undemocratic fascist, he's made the situation in Syria worse, he's made Europe's relationship with Russia even worse that Putin had already managed to make it, he's declared war on his own people, the media and anyone with a brain...yet we've turned a blind-eye to it all, in order to get a nonsense deal done?
To sum the 'deal' up; we send back to Turkey people we don't like the look of, they get put in camps by the Turks, and we then pay for the camps only to then agree to take people...from the camps...a sort of 'two hits and you're in' policy!

Being a liberal I think we should be doing more, so it's not about the migration refugees it's about the fact that as Turkey become ever-more de-stabilised, we seem to have just made it easier for their [Turkish] citizens to get into Europe! That's not a quid-pro-quo moment, that's a WTF moment.

It's madness, it will be seen as madness, and - as we approach your referendum - it doesn't help get the truth about Europe across to the bumblebore thickos down the pub, muttering over their UKIP flyers, the rural hunting-class (with their Police Prime Minister?), braying on your back-bench like demented donkeys, or the inbred Slones screeching "frightfully rum" around Kensington & Chelsea!

Yours etc...
PS - Re: Erdoğan, Syria, Putin, what's happening in Barzil and several African's time we all started working toward a global agreement that no one should represent their country at the highest level for more than two terms of a maximum of five just turns their minds if they have longer to enjoy the power.

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