Wednesday 23 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

As people scuttle-across to the Facebook to adopt a Belgian flag for a week or two, I'm glad you've been so quick to condemn the attempts by the execrable Gerard Batten and Mike Hookem and their equally unpalatable boss Mr. Farage to use yesterday's bombings as an excuse for a party-political broadcast on behalf of the ignorant...sorry; UK Independence Party, by suggesting that an out-vote in the Euro-referendum would make us safer than we are!

Together, we stand, divided, we...

But it shouldn't need you to say anything. You have failed to educate the populace to the truth, and have in fact allowed and encouraged the media to push the idea that we are not safe in Europe, will never be safe in Europe, that all migrants are a threat, that immigration is somehow a problem to be stamped out.

You are - with your 'scrounger' speeches and "Something for nothing culture" sound-bites - just as insular, intolerant and reactionary as any member of UKIP, most of whom are ex-Tories! You are part of the problem, rather than the solution.

The facts (the media should be regularly reminding people of) are that we are not even in the Schengen area, that immigration is driving what little growth the country's economy has seen since 2008, that migrants (and Refugees) will pay the future bills of an ageing population, that we do check incoming passports at our existing boarder-controls.

So far all the bombers in France and Belgium have been there legitimately, we have similar 'players' and our security services watch them. No one will 100% protect anyone from terrorism and terrorism has been with us for over a hundred years now. We are doing all we can, and liaison with European law enforcement agencies (however flawed it is now) would be harder were we out of Europe...ergo; for security purposes: we are better-off in.
Gratuitous picture of a fat bloke who's clearly eaten all the pies.
One of life's 'takers'...
Yours etc...


  1. Divide and rule. They´ve re-booted thier 1984 style perma war, it used to be political idealogical east V west based but since that one went cold (no pun intended) and after a desperate period of running about looking for reasons to sell weaponary (the "Bring Democracy" to the middle east et al but once the main buyers ie; the "dictators" are gone it didn´t really have much of a Long term sales future, ) they´ve now gone back to Religion as a reason.

  2. Interesting that debris in Yemen has been shown to have come from Marconni who are supposed to 'not' be shiping arms to that part of the world Yemen is a big, fat, grey-area!