Saturday 2 April 2016

Dear Prime Minister

"If all the rich people in the world divided up their money among themselves there wouldn't be enough to go around" - Christina Stead

What to choose to write to you about today?

The steel crisis? Well...that's just the Tory chickens coming home to roost isn't it? 37 years of running down Britain because you have unbridled prejudice of the working classes, a hatred of anyone having a 'life' other that your own privileged sitting on a pile of slave-wealth, grinning at the plebs - I see that Chancellor of yours was in a hi-viz jacket again yesterday, he's barely out of it these days, is it some kind of grubby fetish? "Oh look, I can impersonate someone with employment"

Donald Trump? He's digging his own grave "...quicker than larger turns to piss"*. Build a wall round them until you need to marry one, or get one to mow the lawn...then punish them if they get unemployed, or ill, or punish the punish the Mexicans, the Syrians? Kill 'em all (with legally held firearms) and let God sort it out!

The academy-schools programme? I think even the middle-classes are starting to have doubts about that one, I'll leave it to popular opinion and any forthcoming industrial action for now, we can always come back to it here! But when Radio4's More or Less is ripping all your Education Minister's claims and figures to pieces, I think the ice is getting a bit thin on that one, don't you?
No prime Minister, I think - as it was All Fools day yesterday - we should look at the news Manchester took over responsibility for its local NHS budgets and facilities yesterday. The April Fools being the people of the UK who don't seem to have understood that the NHS started to become a fragmented, semi-privatised collection of individual 'Health Services' yesterday.

Presumably the bit hived-off yesterday should now be referred to as the MHS...geddit; Manchester? It's not part of the NHS if it's under a new authority is it? That great bugbear of Tory dogma, going back to the fat drunk's hatred of it before it was formed, finally dealt a death-blow.

You've always despised the fact that we chose to reward the citizenry, after two World Wars and all the associated privations, with a humanist safety net. Decided to look after our poor, our weak, our needy, and provide for everyone, no matter their means. It really eats you up.

There are those, on the left and in the liberal centre, who have warned for some time that the agenda is to destroy the jewel in our otherwise rather tawdry and tarnished crown, but sadly not enough of tthe electorate were listening. That one thing we - the British - had that was envied by the rest of the world is to be ground down by your petty, right-wing, hatred of the common people.

There are so many things to write to you about, 40 years of telling us Thacherite-Raganomic, free-market, top-run, bottom-line, trickle-down, capital-lead, private-financed, outsourcing is the way forward, the best way, the only way and yet, we are all worse off than we were in 1979. Well, I say 'all', a few of you at the top have done very well many of your party have interests in private health companies? Half? Three-quarters of the back bench?

While the rest of us have more debt than ever - personally and nationally, we can't afford housing; bought or rented, our defence forces couldn't hold-on to a cake without asking America to help, hospital waiting-lists are on the up, prisons are overcrowded, you're giving the entire schools estate to a few of your bent mates (with the NHS to follow), you've flogged everything in the cupboard but not reduced taxation, tripled your earnings while reducing everyone else's, multiplied your expenses ten-fold in thirty years, destroyed work-security AND the safety-nets, our kids leave collage with massive debts, apprenticeships have been reduced to underpaid work-programmes with few guarantees and lower qualifications (when you can get one)...

...I can go on, page after page after, technology, the Police, ports and shipbuilding, mines and mining, power generation, flood-protection and flood-prevention, house-building and empty-homes, railways, local authority parking regimes (another tax), local planners and dying high-streets, courts, tribunals and the judiciary, access to legal aid, the right to even bring cases, civil rights, monetising the unemployed, even democracy is under really are execrable.
* Quote taken from Beasley Street  by John Cooper Clarke

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