Monday 18 April 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Got your leaflet the other day, in fact we've had several....there's nothing in them! Large print sloganeering and text 'sound bites', vast generalisations, seemingly designed to scare rather than educate. It's almost as if you secretly want to lose? Or - at least - aren't too bothered if we do get out of Europe.

I also listened to that Mr. Grayling supping at the temple of arselikens this weekend, that was amusing; he clearly thinks we are likely to stay in now and is desperate to curry favour with you in the event that he and his mob are left out in the cold, his description of you as the man for the job left me wondering if the child of God had returned, unannounced, and was quietly leading the Tory party!

To paraphrase (the Outie): 'In or Out, my mate Dave, my very best mate Dave that wot I love like a brother and respect like Mother Teresa is the only man to lead any negotiations; evv'errr!'

Well...if we get out, France will shit on us from a great height, they never wanted us to join  in the first place and secondly: Germany won't be minded to stop them. Using Norway's figures as an example we would pay more as 'Outies' to remain within the EU trading frameworks than we pay as 'Innies'.

While if we stay in, you can kiss goodbye to whatever - un-ratified - 'changes' you think you obtained the other day! Writ in stone? They're writ in wet sand, you really are an inadequate cockwomble!


  1. One of the quotes, the one from Orde. Odd that the others have specific sources and Dates, his not. Why? Cos he says it all the on the 17 October 2014
    qouted in the Lords on the 29 October 2014 ?(scroll down to Baroness Suttie´s Statement)
    Ansd exactly how important is the EAW anyway? Not much according to the figures..well, only in cash Terms and time taken.
    Interesting is that in the link (29 0ct 2014) Lord Bates says "5,000 foreign criminals have been deported since it came into effect in 2009 " What´s that got to do with the EAW??

  2. Listening to Gove want to shake his head until his brains run out of his ears and leaves room for some sense!

    The Outies are split between those who want to negotiate and get back in, those who want to put two fingers up to the whole continent, those who want a Norway model, a Canada Model or a Swiss Gove wants a free trade area no one else will join! You just can't make this level of idiocy up!