Wednesday 2 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

The reason I constantly (and consistently) call you an inadequate cockwomble, is because I see through the smarmy snake-oil sales act and see a cockwomble in action, and because you are clearly far too inadequate to lead a country. Lucky for you that the electorate are so devoid of political intelligence or maturity, they vote for you huh? Although only a minority actually voted for you - one in five was it?

Case in point: The first of the three main thrusts of the 'Out-ie's' arguments for leaving the European Union is as follows…[I quote directly from their website (which is much easier to find through Google than the 'In-ie's' site?)]…
Bring Back UK Democracy

The unelected European Commission which runs the EU,

regularly rejects attempts by Britain to reform the Union.

Since 1996 – when records began – the UK has never

managed to block a single piece of EU legislation.

Mr Prime Minister: there are dozens of ways of disassembling this statement, dozens of ways of proving it wrong, yet all you do is persist with your scare-tactics of economic disaster or mass migration, neither of which is that likely; a slow trickle of immigrants to a slowly dying economy is the more likely truth. Probably balanced - or overshadowed - by an emigration crisis of the 'brain-drain' type…there's your next scare story!

Meanwhile, people like me, listened to by…err…no one…have to unpack the out'ie propaganda, while you inadequately fiddle with yourself like a snuffling cockwomble.

Firstly, the "Unelected European Commission" regularly rejects attempts by ALL the member-states to reform the Union, that requires those member-states to come together to change the EC, something which - I believe - is in the pipeline. Not for one of its main members to petulantly throw all its toys out of the pram and walk off muttering 'It's not fair, the Daily Wail says it's not fair'.

While the second point is interesting isn't it? We joined the EEC in the early 1970's, yet they've taken a date of 1996 as their starting point? Well, call me a genius if you have to, but I recon records exist prior to 1996? What is the true picture? I'm sure I remember us blocking all sorts of things. The Maggii made it her summit-sport of choice!
Oh look! here's one...I happen not to agree with it (only a cockwomble would force-through pro-fossil fuel stuff in the 21st century), but it's there none the less!

You, and your campaign should be pointing-out these things, you should be countering this sort of bias, you should be telling us the truth - simple people believe simple stuff, and with schools (public and private) turning-out illiterates, more that a hundred years after to introduction of universal, compulsory education, there are a lot of simple people at the feet of Westminster's benches! Some of them seem to come from Eton, and to be sitting on those benches!

Yours etc…


  1. "that the electorate are so devoid of political intelligence or maturity," Exactly that. I had a talk with someone who considers himself to be politically; he unquestionably hates everything about the EU and has joined UKIP. When I pointed out that here you can buy loose veg etc in Pounds or Kilos he refused to believe it saying "but it´s part of the EU where you live and they certainly wouldn´t have Pounds!!" Basically what I was telling him (a fact) was a lie and the lies he´s told about banning bent bananas etc are facts...the corrupt media and the Establishment tell him These things therefore it must be true.
    They actually have courses here (or rather it´s part of some courses) to explain how EU laws and regs come into effect and how they effect (or not) the member states, wether the newly decided regs/laws even have to be implemented and if then how. It´s a bit complicated to go into here but one Basic Thing..Germany, a member of the EU, is devided into 16 states. Each state can and does, legislate certain things for themselves without having to refer entirely to any particular central body, exactly the same way as each member state does in the EU, but on Major things, income tax for example (not the best example possibly), it´s discussed by all the states centrally, then agreed upon, again, just like in the EU. And..which one of those countries sends it´s beaurocrats and MEP´s to discuss any possible legislation before it gets enacted upon? The UK perhaps ?
    When it Comes into force (and each Country can Interpret a lot of the legislation to fit it´s own laws) and the UK Population (sorry UK media) announces a dislike, the governmnet blames the EU and convieniently "Forgets" to tell the UK Population they were part of the decision making in the first place.
    Basically, spoonface and all the rest (the media included) are simplfying it down to a plucky downtrodden Uk v the big bad conglomerate EU...usefull as it hides and puts a smokescreen over all the rest of the shit about to (or already is) hit the fan..TTIP for example.

  2. Smoke and mirrors mate, smoke and mirrors! And by giving us only four months, he's ensured we won't have time to become as politicaly literate as the Scotts did during their referendum, but some of us are going to have a go and try to ediucate a few!