Thursday 17 March 2016

Dear Prime Minister

So...yesterday your Chancellor decided to reduce benefits to the disabled by around £1.4 billion quid...while at the same time giving a tax break to the 'squeezed middle' of err...around £1.4 billion quid!

Because let's face it - people with mental or physical problems don't need a helping hand do they?

But Mr. grey, parochial, reactionary, Thatcherite, capitalist, only-earning-forty-three-K-a-year, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, middle-manager needs all the help he can be given - to make sure little Jiranda gets to her dance classes on time with the right kit, or to ensure that his gas-guzzling, planet-destroying 4x4 can be upgraded every 12 months instead of the wholly unacceptable 18 months he's currently working to!

You really are an execrable bunch of semi-fascist cockwombles aren't you? You got only 40% of the vote in last year's General Election, which was about a quarter of the available 'on-paper' voter-base. You have - therefore - no real mandate to do anything more serious than ensure that the Civil Service has an adequate supply of loo-roll and pencils!

The funny thing is, you won't have gained any votes by your extraordinarily unpleasant act of blatantly  unfair redistribution, as the tediously grey 'squeezed-middle' already vote for you, while a lot of the disabled you attacked were Tory voters and will now vote elsewhere.

My mate with Cerebral-Palsy is a Tory voter, he believes Mrs. Thatcher did well by the disabled, and has spent the last four years telling me (arguing with me) that you weren't going to do...what you've just done!

Not only have you finally screwed him blind; for his blind support, but in the last few years you've buggered him about with PIP's, taken his mobility car away and told him to go out to work, with his mobility issues, sight issues and other health issues!

You've closed/privatised/outsourced Remploy and other schemes, reduced training, re-classified disabled people as not disabled, removed Disability Employment Advisors, declared as 'ready for employment' people who've promptly died from their conditions, passed as 'fit for work' people with no legs, no arms or half a lung...and overseen a spike in suicide (and other) deaths among the vulnerable. have given hundreds of millions of pounds of Taxpayers money to charities like Enham Trust, Queen Elizabeth Foundation and the Shaw Trust, who have shown themselves inadequate to the tasks allotted them and who regularly fail to deliver on their contractual obligations to the DWP/Taxpayer.

And you've given billions to the likes of A4E/PeoplePlus who are laughing all the way to the bank while delivering absolutely nothing! Sorry...I'll correct myself, they've been found to have figures which 'might' be 4% better than DWP's unscientific amount, un-provable as it's within natural variation!

Like the GOP across the pond, it's as if everything you do now is designed to make you unelectable for a generation...while transferring the nation's wealth to a few at the top?

Yours etc...


  1. When I heard this I first thought "no way"..then after a bit of reflection thought "aha, that was obvious". It Looks more like the tactic of "threaten them with something big but in reality intend to take only a Little" so that when the "U-turn" on this Comes and only a small amount is removed it appears like nothing..sort of saying "I´m going to take 50% of your Money " and when the resistance starts "ok, I´ve seen sense, I´ll only take 10%" It was always the intention to take 10%.. buy one get one free in reverse.
    The last paragraph is more like what´s Happening..they are Strip mining the Country for all they can get, and in the knowledge that the vote can be rigged if they want to remain to cream off anything that´s left..and if anyone goes onto the streets..they´ve got enough bully Boys to stop it..and if it gets to heavy..well there´s always the "anti-Terror" laws that can be twisted into a workable shoot to kill policy.

  2. That's how it worked with the tax thingy U-turn in the autumn...they annonced they were cancelling it, but actually they replaced it with lots of future 'little cuts' which added-up to the same thing!