Monday 27 June 2016

Dear Prime Minister

Hearing the likes of Chuka Umunna pontificating on the immediate past and possible future of both his country and the political party he professes to love, or watching the implosion of both main parties while the media, Innies and Outies conduct endless inquests to their respective campaigns as the often unnamed 'spokespeople' of both main parties start arguing about who should or should not be leader, who is or isn't fit to be leader: it strikes me that all of you - without exception - have not 'got it' to use the vernacular. Our whole political system is in meltdown and you're all carrying-on as if A) it's normal and B) there's nothing fundamentally wrong with either party?

The people have tried to tell you four times now; in 2010 when they voted for no overall control, in 2015 when they destroyed the Liberal's and decimated Labour, then a few months later when - after joining the Labour Party in large numbers - they voted for (the still preferred) Jeremy Corbyn - against the entire establishment, and then again last Thursday, when they appear to have killed their own country, on the World Stage, with a blunt knife, in an act of poorly informed - but very angry - suicide.

All the main parties are so riven with internal factions they are not fit to govern; none of them. You will never have the best interests of the people at heart while you are all keeping one eye on your own back or back-bench, your own front bench, left wing or right wing, or while you are all jostling in secret cabals, for future positions, or anonymously briefing against your own side in the Media.

The referendum should never have been called, and only was for reasons of internal party manoeuvring. Having been announced it should never have been a 51/49 issue, having instead a higher threshold. As with the Scottish referendum; 16 and 17-year olds should have had a voice on what is their future. Both sides should have used real facts, not wildly dishonest rhetoric which the media should then have questioned more and reported - as fact - less.

I think all parties should be dissolved before the coming General Election, for we will surely have one, if not two, before a year is out. All candidates should stand as independents, on their own merits and efforts, without the backing of party funds or party colours, with  a view to new parties being formed by whoever then gets elected; a right wing conservative party, a left wing socialist party and a liberal-minded, centrist party.

Party Funds could be frozen, and divided up among the new post-election parties, proportional to which surviving current-members end-up where. Clearly: we should also consider, seriously, full Proportional Representation (PR) and compulsory voting. While we're changing things: I suggest the Lord's needs thinning of party-appointees as well, how many of them have you shoved in there? A lot of good they'll do you now; you inadequate cockwomble.

As media failures are a large part of the predicament we now find ourselves in, perhaps the media could be encouraged to push the drive for those party dissolutions, and, in future, undertake not to use anonymous political spokesmen, ever. If you people aren't willing to put your names to quotes, they shouldn't be used, we're not talking 'whistleblowers' here, we're talking back-stabbers, and you have - in a globalising world - just cast our vessel adrift from the European quayside, without taking-on enough fuel.

If the whole establishment doesn't 'get it' soon (and that includes the media), and start to deliver on the promises in a year or two; the cities will burn, and it will be the people who voted leave, who do the bulk of the burning. They think they have been promised a paradise of self-government, full employment, raised wages and lower house prices (with a house for all), affordable living; a green and pleasant land, striding forward on the world stage, union flag held aloft!

Yet listening to most serious, independent commentators, the likelihood is something worse that 'Project Fear' suggested, with a gentle but inexorable slide to a world-status somewhere between Guatamala and Hati. The pound as important to foreign investors as the Peruvian whatever they have in Peru...Peso?...Exactly!
With the money markets moved to Frankfurt, the banking to Brussels and Paris, imports expensive and exports not wanted. Why would the Philippines, South Africa, or New Zealand buy our widgets, when they can get all the widgets they need closer to home?

Gibraltar, South Georgia and the Falkland's will be lost while we rebuild our few [brand-new] defunct capital ships, which are - in any event - insufficient to protect any fishing grounds we chose to claim, assuming we can buy-back the licences we have sold to Spanish, Norwegian and Danish captains! And where shall we get our boats built? Holland? Japan? Korea? They will all want cash up-front now, and cash will be in short supply.

The grey-haired 'war-generation' and Baby-Boomers' who voted to leave require (whether they like it or not) immigration to remain at current levels to ensure their pension pots are kept topped-up, but their pension pots will need to be raided (as manual workers' already have been) to keep the ship afloat, and there won't be jobs for the immigrants; as there won't any be for the 'locals'.

The reasons for leaving weren't good enough to be worth casting-off, but we did, we cut the ropes and now we're floating free, with Scotland and Ireland eyeing the lifeboats, and no actual plan from the new crew, while both that crew and their oppo's in Labour fall upon the Front Benches with their long-knives out. And you? you're fucking-off after fucking the country...


  1. and, a bunch of blairites who voted for what turned out to be state sponsored murder (TBH, I haven´t done the Research on wether all of them are blairites or voted for the Gulf war))lining up to shaft thier Party before the Chilcot Report Pops 2 weeks is it?
    I wouldn´t be suprised if there was (on the day it Comes out) some massive turn around to do with any one of a number of things, the brexit vote being ignored on the Basis of parliamentary sovereignty for example.

    "Referendums are not legally binding, so legally the Government can ignore the results; for example, even if the result of a pre-legislative referendum were a majority of "No" for a proposed law, Parliament could pass it anyway, because parliament is sovereign.

    Legally, Parliament at any point in future could reverse legislation approved by referendum, because the concept of parliamentary sovereignty means no Parliament can prevent a future Parliament from amending or repealing legislation. However, reversing legislation approved by referendum would be unprecedented"

    "unprecedented" would the the shock Horror bit with the media going "ape", maybe a bit of insurection with arrests etc, Voila, the chilcot Report buried under a Tonnage of crocodile tear reporting.
    The interesting bit, apart from the fact that UK Referendums are basically adivsory and have no legal Status, is the "because the concept of parliamentary sovereignty means no Parliament can prevent a future Parliament from amending or repealing legislation" bit.

    Scenario - Spoon face stands down (oh, he already has said that), the new PM says "sorry chaps and chapesses, not my idea, we´re back in!!"

    Funny, not once in all the coverage before the vote did any Fecker mention that one. Not the "un-biased" "unpolitically interested" BBC (lets be honest, after a Keep him out the limelight,they have Nick "I told the truth during the Scottish Referendum honest guv" Robinson back) or any other bunch of "we give you all the Facts" toss pot media orgs.

    A public lied to by hiding Facts...? I reckon so.

  2. The UN's Human Right's report is being 'buried' by all this as we came out on Monday and put us level with Honduras on some of our benefit changes!


    1. Read it. Just Fair Consortium´s opinions of it are classic.(refering,I assume to para 41 sections A-D ) so is the ongoing failure of most of the media to attend to the impact of Austerity" Most of the media..??! Fecking all of it!!
      This one;
      "The Government of the UK is now in chaos and its future leadership is uncertain. Sadly it is unlikely that any immediate change in leadership will lead to the recognition of the UK's human rights obligations. Given recent events, it is even to be feared that the Government might try to blame international bodies for holding them to account for the obligations they freely entered into" The last line could be attached to the EU ?
      The fact that they haven´t even mentioned it on the Bastards and Bullies Corporation is enough in itsself, as para 72 reads "72. The Committee requests that the State party disseminate the present concluding observations widely at all levels of society at national, provincial and territorial levels, particularly among parliamentarians, public officials and judicial authorities, and that it inform the Committee in its next periodic report about the steps taken to implement them." Mind you, all Levels of Society means to them, high Society.

    2. here´s the UN conclusions 2016 in full

  3. It is the clusterfuck to eand all's like we are living in a Kaffka short-story!


  4. Actually in Peru it's called Sol, not Peso...:)