Tuesday 21 June 2016

Dear General Sir Mike Rose, KCB, CBE, DSO, QGM . . .&Etc...

I listened with incredulity to your comments earlier today. The use of emotive language was appalling, the political stance was shameful from a British Soldier and the premise was false, you were talking-up a fantasy creation of your own fevered mind, clearly a victim of the thundery weather, put yourself under the MO is my advice.
'Soldiers dressed in the drab olive of a European army'?

We all have camouflage uniforms, ergo; any European Army (not yet planned) would certainly have camouflage uniforms, you are being disingenuous Sir. And the idea that the current British camouflage isn't drab, is risible in itself, it's an awful semi-desert/semi-tropical/semi-temperate mashed-potato of a scheme matched to brown boots, the days of the striking DPM are long gone. Emotive tosh, Sir: you're talking emotive tosh.

'Queens Birthday Parade'?

If it ever happened you can be sure (and I'm sure - beyond your dishonesty in this - you know) that the French would retain their Saint Cyr cadet uniform for ceremonials, the Danes would keep their Guards, the Germans their chromium-plated helmets and we would maintain a unit of Bearskins and Household Cavalry - emotive rubbish Sir, from your potty-mouth.

There is only the 'idea' of a European Army, a proposal, a not even a 'white paper' we wouldn't have to join a European Army, we already work with all our neighbours through NATO, a closer unification would only make sense as the US withdraws from involvement in NATO and as most serious threats are or become more global; Russia, China, Terrorism, Climate Change . . . are you planning for a swift domestic campaign against Scotland? Wales? Are you wishing to retain the ability to march on Paris?

You whined about European soldiers in British barracks, well - presumably it would be UK units in UK barracks, despite the fact that half the British Army is already/still in Germany anyway! AND: we ARE European whether we are in the EU or out? Do you propose to call Britain part of Asia, Africa . . . America perhaps? The hypocrisy and nonsensical rubbish in you whingeing is staggering.

The British Army - I was in - prided itself on its political neutrality; you Sir are a disgrace to the uniform and as a once acting Lance Corporal, can I just say Sir: with all due respect to your rank, Sir . . . Shut the fuck-up, you disgraceful cockwomble, Sir!

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