Friday 24 June 2016

Dear Prime Minister

You're Fucked!
And you've fucked the country....
...did I say you are an inadequate cockwomble?


  1. ..and now the whole house of Cards (the fake Democracy in the "UK"* and the rest of the "EU"* - the online poll to have the Referendum re-run is a sympton of that....Keep having the vote until it fits what international buisness wants?? ) starts to fall apart.

    * United and Union? Niether are true, never were, never will be.

  2. It's a fucking mess; it what it is...god knows what's happening, but it's turning nasty today, with various racist and racial incedents, the 'Right Wing' press who though Brexit was a brilliant idea now talking as if it's not and they never though so, Labout in meldown, the Tories in meltdown and the French waiting to fuck us up the arse until our pips squeek!